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Dedicated to the Higher Education and Training sector, Unify Education was created by two former employees of Agresso France in close collaboration with UNIT4 Group, ERP software editor with more than 3000 clients worldwide.

Their common idea: to offer a simple and innovative solution based on the Education software of UNIT4 Group, imagine a different vision of Information System as a key element to manage growth and reputation.

Virginie Irsch
Yann Boivin

The Higher Education sector is constantly changing. This market has no limits. Every day, schools are created, they open campus abroad and innovate on programs. From all countries, students are more demanding given the density of the offer.

The Information System of those institutions needs to adapt to this situation and provides unusual performance and agility while managing resources and investments. What a challenge!

Yet that is the one we rise to.

We provide a unique solution whose functional coverage is unequalled in partnership with leading editors. We also offer a product plan dedicated to innovation. The SAAS model and a deployment method "Best Practices" complete the offer by providing concrete answers to budgetary constraints.

We do not sell dreams but pragmatism, common sense and projects which reach expectations.

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The owl is the « fetish » animal of Unify Education. You will often see it as a wink in the middle of communication supports.

Why the owl ? For its natural elegance and perfection. Also for the symbolic side, the owl is associated to wisdom, education, knowledge and expertise.

In mythology...

« The owl is the bird of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and schoolmasters. Meanwhile, owl symbolizes rational knowledge, opposed to intuitive knowledge. It is traditionally an attribute of the soothsayers: it symbolizes their clairvoyance. The owl is one of the "ancient world", full of wisdom and experience.
(Source: Wikipedia).