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Solutions for Education Management
Solution A+Suite®

Our overriding objective is to help you to achieve yours: Higher Education.

That's why we created A+Suite®, a simple, innovative and unique solution on the market.

Unique because A+Suite® is an evolutive ecosystem combining best-of-breed of the sector.

This solution offers multiple adaptations to your existing system and your needs, and giving constant attention to innovation.

Schéma A+ Suite

A portal by function


Performance depends on the simplicity and ease of access to relevant information.

A+Suite® focuses on continuous improvement of the interface. The solution is dedicated to you as a Student, Teacher, Parent, Company, members of Executive Management or Administrative Team.

Education Management

A+Suite® is built on a core system dedicated to manage Regular Education, Continuing Education, Work-linked Training, Apprenticeship.

This solution is based on the product Agresso Education from UNIT4, a leading international group in Higher Education.

Unify Education selected this product for its performance and flexibility.

The main functional areas covered are:

  • applications and registrations management;
  • curriculum management : programs and courses;
  • planning : sessions, assignments and contracts for teachers;
  • monitoring sessions : attendance, grades;
  • assessment and graduation process;
  • billing and financial assistance;
  • relationship with companies : internship, financing, school tax;
  • management of information repository : students, teachers, parents, companies;
  • management of all types of teachers : permanent staff member, temporary teacher, fee;
  • contact management;
  • management tools : dashboard, indicators.

If your needs are more complex than what provides our core business, A+Suite® offers you CELCAT timetabling tool, widely used in the education sector.

CELCAT includes:

  • multiple ressources management;
  • automated online assistants;
  • dynamic conflict management;
  • management of preferences between resources;
  • a wide variety of impressions;
  • schedule of events for one or more weeks;
  • management of travel time from one campus to another;
  • user-friendly and customizable ergonomic;
  • and many other features which quickly become essentials!
Customer relationship management

A+Suite® integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM adapted for the sector, particularly regarding Continuing Education.

You can manage your leads, track your opportunities and organize campaigns of media communication.

Specially for Continuing Education, you can:

  • optimize your prospects, negotiation with customers and registration of learners;
  • build your quotes for in house/custom trainings;
  • follow closely your clients/learners/leads accounts;
  • use your CRM directly into Microsoft Outlook;
  • create workflows for better team working.

Unify Education selected e-learning platform Moodle for its power, low cost and widespread use in the education sector.

Moodle is a support for presential and online training:

  • providing documentation (eg animations, video, ...);
  • filling of assignments;
  • discussion forums and chat tool;
  • quizzes and surveys;
  • wikis, glossary;
  • and many more.

Allow your students to build, validate and disseminate their skills.

This module is an efficient tool to enhance personal learning path of students during their training and throughout their career.

This module will be presented in November.

Integration to your existing system or other solutions

Each product in A+Suite® solution is connected to the education system with a specific connector. They can be adapted to your existing applications or other market products that are more in line with your expectations.

A+Suite® is a highly scalable ecosystem that easily integrates your existing data management information system.