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Solutions for Education Management

You are a Prestige University-level College, a Higher Education Institution, a Centre for Continuous Education, a University.

Our solution A+Suite® allows you to address the following challenges:

  • manage your institution;
  • increase your business;
  • grow your reputation.

This solution is built around 3 key concepts:

  • Performance
  • Agility
  • Innovation

Managing your institution is a priority because it's your daily challenge.

A+Suite® is built around an efficient education management system to control all activities Regular Education, Continuing Education, Work-linked Training, Apprenticeship.

Your Information System is a complex Ecosystem that constantly evolves to meet the needs of your activity's development.

A+Suite® natively integrates CRM, Timetabling and E-learning products from the most recognized software editors in the Education sector.


Unify Education solutions helps you to manage and control the evolution of your organization.

  • 1-2-3GO®: Implementation in short and operational steps.
  • Transfer of knowledge: it is continuous and allows you to gain full autonomy to manage your solution.
  • SAAS/Cloud: a model "à la carte" to fit with your structure.


What does this mean for Unify Education?

A product plan dedicated to provide you technological and functional innovation and also a permanent and adaptive strategy on how to improve the visibility of your organization in its market.

The key themes of our product plan are:

  • Web & mobility
  • Collaborative tools & Social Media
  • Services for students and alumni
  • Fund raising
  • Research

... and many more coming soon.